Don’t Lose Focus

     I remember there was a time where it seemed like all of my stresses were coming at me at once. I couldn’t focus on much of anything that wasn’t negative. Even more sad was that I am pretty sure that I was not a good friend to chat with. One particular day my home-girl gave me a call. It just so happens that it was one of the days that my stresses came to cash their checks. I couldn’t say too much of anything positive or wasn’t filled with some sort of victim mindset. Like a true friend she redirected my focus. Instead of calling me out for my poor thought process she told me that I was letting my feelings win.
Something in me was triggered when I heard those words. I got off the phone with her and got really quiet. Sometimes God is talking we just have to shut up, and that is exactly what I did. When my mind stopped racing I began to think more clear. It wasn’t about my problems but about my current situation. Not my current issue but what I was actually doing at that moment. I standing in the kitchen cup in hand fretting. But my current situation was even more than I had thought of in that moment. There I was up running my motor mouth full of emotions and I had not realized that I was alive, I was well, and although things weren’t perfect I was able to use my motor mouth to give praise in the midst of my storm.
My mouth was shut- I could not believe that I had forgotten that one tool in “battle”. Sometimes we are so consumed with the defeat we think we have that we cannot see what is really happening. Don’t let the troubles of this world stop up the praise of your mouth. I felt immediately ashamed. I opened my mouth and said, “Lord”. One word to describe the magnitude of grace I felt was more than enough. It was as if the troubles of my life were slowly trying to put glasses on my vision. When I opened my mouth the shroud of defeat left.
The funny part was this was not the only time that day I would have to redirect my focus. After I left the kitchen I found myself in a deep praise with God. I was so excited and happy that those earlier issues seemed small. I didn’t take my mind off the stresses but I did make a point to see them differently. I put my focus on God. A bit later my friend ended up calling me back. She was stunned at how overjoyed I sounded. The praise break was just that great. I began telling her how wrong I was in my focus. I  ended up thanking her for getting through to me with love.

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