Walking By Faith


     I found myself in a bad situation the other morning. Today I said goodbye to a rather sweet work at home job. I knew it was coming long before the hammer dropped. The signs were there and despite the fact that I was falling in my stats I held out hope. I am not a person to give up easily when faced with adversity. I will be honest though I have been known to gripe along the way. So today when the hammer finally hit closing a chapter in my life I had to stop and think.
There was a part of me that wanted to scream to the heaven why me because I really liked my job. But there was another part which is often quietly whispering (perhaps because I think so much). It was a quiet calmness that caught me off guard. Aside from the emotions of having to change things around in my life I was okay. I had things basically figured out I just now had to walk in them.
     You’d be amazed at the things we put in front of destiny due to fear or just plain old procrastination. For me it was a little bit of both. I had flirted with the idea of stepping out on my own and really working at my business but at first fear had me within its grips. Once I got past fear and had good footing in the idea I procrastinated. I figured I would always make my way back to getting it done because I had already figured it out. Well the funny thing about procrastination is that the issue you are putting off always comes to sneak up on you. Today was that day.txtbx.jpg
Good for me that I was ready. Not completely though, I won’t lie. But I heard the call for months to move and I ignored it. A job is a sure thing, its a sure check and pretty predictable. Even when my job changed from being “predictable” I stayed with hopes of riding the wave out. I guess my little surf board landed back on the beach- the wave was over. So now I put my focus on where it should have been the whole time-on God, on his plan.
To step slowly out to the edge of the water with hopes on not drowning, today I act in complete faith. To walk boldly with no idea of where the destination will take me, I go eagerly. Sometimes you hear God speaking but you are afraid to move. In a sense even procrastination is fear to act. I am going to move, to act, to run toward whatever destiny God has for me.

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