Quick Thought: Illusions

The other day I was sitting  in my office writing in my journal. I was reflecting over 2016. I had a lot of highs and some lows. I have even had journeys I’d rather not have taken. Yet I made it through. While writing and recapping my life something stuck out to me. It was a faint thought and if I were doing anything else I would have bypassed it. But there it was quietly sticking out waiting on me to grab it: Nothing is more important than the reason we were created.  

The more I thought about it the more I analyzed my life. What was the reason we were created? If you are like me, Christian-ed down to my socks then this was easy. To worship but also to love. How many things “created” by us take precedence over the real reason we are here? I am not saying go out and quit your job or put off goals. I am asking you to consider your life with this thought in mind. Have you taken your eye off of what truly matters? When you are done with the things we create to be important what will be left? I get it, you strive for better or to protect but don’t make the object more important than the purpose.  

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